Seward County Clerk

Official:  Sherry Schweitzer
Phone: (402) 643-2883
Location: Courthouse- Room 205
Hours:  8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Nebraska Deeds

Election Precincts

2022 Election Information

For questions, call 402-643-2883 or


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      Primary Election                            General Election

          May 10, 2022                                              November 8, 2022


   Filing Dates for the Primary Election:             Filing Dates for the General Election

Incumbents: January 5 – February 15, 2022                                Incumbents: January 5 – July 15, 2022

Non-Incumbents: January 5 – March 1, 2022                             Non-Incumbents: Jan. 5 – August 1, 2022


Offices up for Election in 2022



*U.S. House of Representatives (Congress) District 1




Secretary of State

Attorney General

State Treasurer

Auditor of Public Accounts

Legislature 24th District

Public Service Commissioner- District 4

State Board of Education - District 5

Southeast Community College - District 1

Upper Big Blue NRD- Subdistricts 1-8 and At Large Director

Lower Platte South NRD - Subdistrict 1 and At Large Director

Nebraska Public Power District - Subdistrict 8

Norris Public Power District - Subdistrict 2 (All of Seward Co. except Cities of Milford & Seward)

Polk Public Power District - (a portion of D Precinct)  (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Perennial Public Power District - (a portion of Precinct E)  (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

ESU #2 - (Raymond Central School District) (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

ESU #6 Dist. 1(All of Precincts C,D,E,F,K,L,M,N,O,P and part of Precincts I & J)(GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Warren Memorial Hospital Dist. – 2 members (PRIMARY ELECTION ONLY)



County Assessor

County Attorney

County Clerk

Clerk of the District Court




Commissioner Dist. 1 (Precincts J, N, & O)

Commissioner Dist. 3 (All of Precincts C, D, E, F, K, L, M and Part of Precinct B)

Commissioner Dist. 5 (All of City of Seward Ward 1 & Part of City of Seward Ward 2)


Seward Mayor

Seward City Council Wards 1, 2, 3 and 4

Seward Airport Authority

Milford City Council Wards 1 and 2



Village of Beaver Crossing – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Bee – 3 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Garland – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Goehner – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Cordova – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Pleasant Dale – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Staplehurst – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)

Village of Utica – 2 members (GENERAL ELECTION ONLY)



Centennial School Board – 3 Members
Crete School Board – 3 Members

Dorchester School Board – 3 Members

Exeter-Milligan School Board – 3 Members

East Butler School Board – South Ward – 1 Member

Friend School Board – 3 Members

Malcolm School Board – 3 Members

Milford School Board – 3 members

Raymond Central School Board – Ward 6 – 1 Member

Seward School Board – 3 Members



Functions of the Clerk's Office


The Seward County Clerk’s Office has a wide variety of duties. Marriage licenses are issued in our office as are tobacco licenses and liquor licenses. The Clerk’s Office also pays all the bills for the County. The County Clerk is the Secretary to the Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners oversee the operations of the County and adopts the final budget.


Seward County’s population is 17,609 and because of this size, the County Clerk’s Office is also the Register of Deeds and Election Commissioner. The Register of Deeds Office contains all land records for Seward County. If you purchase a home or business, the deed and any related papers are filed in our office. The Election Commissioner handles all candidate filings and prepares and conducts all elections for Seward County. In counties with a larger population, these offices are separate from the County Clerk’s Office.


Fee Schedule


Applications, Forms & Certificates


  • Voter Registration Form

    • To register in person, print out form and either mail to Seward County Clerk, PO Box 190, Seward, NE 68434 (or drop off in person). Do not email.

    • To register online, click here.

    • You may register in person through the State Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for or renewing your driver's license.

    • There are deadline to register to vote as an election nears. For information, call 402-643-2883.

  • Early Voting (Absentee) Application Form

    • Applications may be returned to the Seward County Clerk’s Office.

  • Property Valuation Protest Form

    • A protest must be filed on or before June 30th.  If the 30th falls on a weekend, filings will be accepted on the Monday following the 30th.  Submissions should be sent to: Seward County Clerk , P.O. Box 190 , Seward, NE 68434 . If you have any questions, call the County Clerk ’s Office at 402-643-2883.

  • Marriage Application Worksheet

All Nebraska Birth and Death Records are filed at the Vital Records Office, 301 Centennial Mall South, Lincoln, NE 68508. You can contact them at 402-471-2871 or click here.

Contact Information


Brandy Johnson- Deputy County Clerk


Tracy Phillips- Deputy Election Clerk

Shelly Doty- Administrative Clerk II