Seward County Board of Commissioners

Meeting Time: Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. 
Location: Courthouse - Room 303
The Seward County Board of Commissioners is the administrative and controlling body of Seward County. These meetings are open to the public.    

Seward County Commissioners:

District 1: Misty Ahmic (Precincts J, N & O, including the City of Milford)
District 2: Darrell Zabrocki (City of Seward Wards 3 & 4)
District 3: Robert Vrbka (Precincts C, D, E, F, K, L, & M)
District 4: John Culver (Precincts A, B, Rural G, H, I & P)
District 5: Kenneth Schmieding (City of Seward Wards 1 & 2)

Commissioner District Map

Functions of the County Commissioners

The County Board of Commissioners has the responsibility and the power to care for county property, repair and erect county buildings, manage county funds, set tax levies, set salaries of elected officials, and build dams and dikes to control flooding of county roads. The Board supervises the highway superintendent and the road department in the maintenance and construction of roads in the county. The major portion of funds under the commissioners’ control is spent on roads. The Board passes on all claims for county funds and lets all contracts to which the county is a party. The Board appoints the County Veteran’s Service Officer and the Veteran’s Service Committee, the Welfare Director, the County Physician, the Coroner, the Highway Superintendent, the Weed District Superintendent and the Planning Commission. The Board has created and put into operation a zoning plan for control of all non-farm structures along with controlling the use of county land so that the majority of the land remains agricultural. A Board of Adjustment has been appointed and a Zoning Administrator hired by the Board of Commissioners to enforce this plan. When required, the County Board sits as a Board of Equalization regarding property assessments.


Besides the five elected county commissioners, there are seven other county officials who are elected to their posts. The offices, and their present incumbents, are as follows: