Seward County Shining Star Contest

July 20, 2017


Recently, employees had been asked to submit employees who go above and beyond and who are "shining stars" in their department to give them some well deserved recognition for their contributions and hard work.  All employees were featured on the "Seward County Human Resources" Facebook page, as well as listed below, and all were entered into a random drawing to win 2 tickets to John Michael Montgomery at the Seward County Fair on August 11th.  


The drawing was conducted last week, with Chelsea Smith winning the tickets. Congratulations to all nominees, thank you for being Seward County Shining Stars!  


Shining Star Nominee: Chelsea Smith


I would like to submit Chelsea Smith from the Seward Sheriff's Office as a shining example of an employee who goes above and beyond for her job, her bosses, and her co-workers. Chelsea has always been the go-to person in our office that everyone turns to for answers, technical help, and assistance on many matters. She is always helpful, and will not give up on a difficult problem until the job is done.

She has recently risen to the challenge of Office Manager, and quite frankly, we could not have a better person in this position. And on top of that, she always maintains a cheerful attitude that makes it a pleasure to work around her. I cannot think of a better example of a Shining Star than Chelsea.

Nominated by: Chief Deputy Hejl


I nominate Chelsea Smith, who is an outstanding asset to the Seward County Sheriff's office.

Chelsea is a wealth of knowledge in most all areas of the office and beyond. With her always very helpful attitude, Seward County is very blessed to have Chelsea as employee !

Nominated by: Deputy Bigsby


Shining Star Nominee: Ashley Standley


Ashley came to Seward County with a lot of energy and a positive attitude. She continues to have both as she does many new things for Seward County. She has worked extremely hard in establishing the 1st Job Seward program. Ashley has spent countless hours reaching out to employers to get on board as well as worked hard with the students that applied for the program. There is a lot of behind the scene work that she has done and I believe that the feedback that the program has received shows that her hard work has payed off. She is looking towards the future and I think with her enthusiasm the program will continue to grow.


A lot of what Ashley does is to shine a positive light on Seward County and to bring the employees together as a team. She initiated the photo contest that encouraged the public to submit photos of what is great about Seward County. She also maintains the Seward County Blog and Spotlight. These not only highlight the great things that the county is doing but teaches the public and fellow employees about what each department does.


Ashley always has a smile on her face and a positive vibe. You can't help but enjoy yourself when you are around her. Her enthusiasm for what she does shows in her work. She thinks outside of the box and isn't afraid to try something new. It has been a great pleasure working with her.

Nominated by: April Whitney


Shining Star Nominee: Debby Aegerter


Debby has been the legal secretary for the public defender's office since 1993. She has a challenging positions in the the County She corresponds with all of our clients who are charged with misdemeanor and felony crimes. They are very often upset and emotional when they enter our office or call us. They are generally people with very little social support and few assets. I have been absolutely impressed with Debby's interactions as she treats each person with dignity and respect. She goes above and beyond to make the process understandable and to ensure that the client has access and communication with their legal counsel. She exceeded her job duties with acts of kindness, such as lining up a ride to a shelter or finding a bus ticket home for someone.


Debby absolutely makes this office run seamlessly! She is diligent about calendaring and maintaining client and court correspondence. Her job duties are many, so I won't include an exhaustive list. It's enough just to say that she is invaluable to this office.

Nominated by: Tina Marroquin


Shining Star Nominee: Marla Ritter


I would like to nominate Marla Ritter who works in the Assessor’s office. She has a wonderful personable, outgoing personality. She exemplifies what job ethics means. She goes above and beyond in her job and is always there to help any and every one.

Her love of family shows in all she does. She is a great person to work with, be around and is a Shining Star in the Assessor’s office.

Nominated Anonymously


Shining Star Nominee: Vikki Gremel


Who is here everyday with a quick smile, a friendly hello and ready start everyday on a positive note? That would be Vikki Gremel, who works for the County Attorney's Office. Vikki is the first one to jump into something new and challenging and without fail, the first to raise her hand to volunteer to help out friends or colleagues.
These are just a few of the reasons that I would like to nominate Vikki Gremel for this recognition. She is truly a Shining Star and Seward County Attorney's Office is a great place to work because of Vikki's presence.

Nominated by: Trina Ross


Shining Star Nominee: Trina Ross


Trina has worked "above and beyond" for the County Attorney's Office. She was vital in coordinating a lot of things in preparation for the move to the new Justice Center. She has assisted in make sure the offices were up and running and functional. The office has been short staffed and she has taken on additional duties to help fill this gap. She frequently works late to help everyone out.

Trina works very hard and does it all with a positive attitude. While she is carrying the heavy burden, she doesn't skip a beat in making sure we have a positive and fun working environment-never forgetting to say "hello", acknowledge a birthday, or add a little humor to the day.


I will note that Trina would say she would not be able to do it all without the hard work and persistence of Vikki Gremel. Vikki has been working very hard as well while the office has been short staffed. The character and dedication of Trina Ross has certainly shined bright during the tough and dark times of change and lack of resources. Seward County is fortunate to have such a role model.

Nominated Anonymously


Shining Star Nominee: Cody Bailey


As one of Cody's supervisors, I always seem him working; he's never standing still and always looking for something to do. Officer Bailey is always receptive to new concepts and frequently asks about others staffs opinions or ideas to make the best decision possible. I have complete confidence in his abilities.

Officer Bailey is very reliable; he comes in early when coverage is needed and stays late until the work is done. He has no problem teaching new staff how to do the job and does so in a way that is easily comprehended.


In his 2 years at Seward County, Officer Bailey has shown himself to be an excellent employee and never looks for recognition. For these reasons and others, I would like to recognize Officer Bailey for his hard work and dedication to Seward County.

Nominated by: Sergeant Hogan



Shining Star Nominee: Brandy Johnson


Brandy has the best attitude, she always has a smile on her face! With her wonderful attitude, she has made the claims process (which can be rather stressful) an absolute breeze. She is always willing to help everyone succeed, even if it makes her job a little more difficult.

Nominated Anonymously.



Shining Star Nominee: April Whitney


April is exemplary for many reasons. She is excellent at her job-not just assigned tasks, but other things that get thrown at her. Whatever is needed, April is willing to step up and does it with a smile.

The thing that sets her apart is her attitude with which she lives life. She is always upbeat and filled with joy-even though things may be stressful at home or at work. Her position with the County Attorney's Office was to head up the Attendance Support Program. She worked with the kids and the parents beautifully, taking each case to heart. April truly is a "Shining Star!"

Nominated by: Vikki Gremel







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