Seward County Spotlight

May 23, 2017


This month, the Seward County Spotlight is focused on the Clerk's Office. I sat down with Sara Van Cura-Land Records Clerk, Brandy Johnson-Deputy Clerk & Jeanine Voelker-Voter Records Clerk.  


The Clerk's Office issues marriage licenses, process claims (county bills/vendor invoices), registers citizens to vote, sets up and processes elections, sends and receives absentee ballots, records and indexes land records, records and distributes minutes for the County Board of Commissioners meetings, assists with genealogy searches and verifies signatures for petitions.  The Clerk's Office is comprised of 4 employees.


What has been the most rewarding part of working for Seward County?


Sara-Meeting new people, gaining relationships with people throughout the county.

Brandy-Working with employees in different departments.

Jeanine-I enjoy doing marriage certificates and genealogy.


What do you find to be the most challenging part of your job?


Brandy-Talking with Windstream (laughs).  But really, deciphering the bills the County         receives.

Sara-Overly complicated legal descriptions.

Jeanine-Ensuring elections forms are entirely completed and making sure election                   requirements are met.


What is one thing you couldn't live without?


Brandy-my phone, kids, husband & chocolate.

Sara-Family & pizza.

Jeanine-Family, animals, books, R & J Service.


If you could switch jobs with anyone, what would you do?


Brandy-Rock babies at the hospital.

Sara-I would be a softball coach.

Jeanine-I would switch with a retired person.


What is the worst gift you ever received?



Brandy-Rotten summer sausage.

Jeanine-A single pink plate from a thrift store.


What is the strangest talent you have?


Jeanine-I can do crazy things with my thumbs, they're double jointed.

Brandy-Not really a talent-but I am a member of the Def Leppard Fan Club, the Rock             Brigade.  I have a pin in my office. 


What would you name the autobiography of your life?


Sara-Sara without an "h"

Brandy-My life in the Rock Brigade and other stories



Most people don't know this about me, but...


Sara-I'm in the Nebraska Softball Hall of Fame in Hastings 5 times.

Brandy-I saw a UFO when I was in high school in Kansas.  I also stayed in a haunted hotel in New Orleans with my sister.  She kept telling me we were going to see a ghost, I was             skeptical.  Then in the room, the dresser drawers were opening and closing by                           themselves.  My sister was jokingly taunted the "ghost" and then the bottom dresser                 drawer flew open forcefully.  We pulled the dresser from the wall to see what could                 be causing it, we couldn't find an explanation.

Jeanine-I have a facebook alias. When I worked at AKSARBEN, I walked a horse that went on to race in the Kentucky Derby.  I've written a 50,000+ word romance novel.  I also                   know how to paint a car.  




Brandy lives in Waco with her husband, Jerod and two children; Lane, 7  and Hayden, 4.   Brandy enjoys napping, dance parties, yoga pants, traveling and concerts. 







 Sara lives in Seward, with her husband, Larry and two children; Gracie, 7 and Barrett, 6.  Sara enjoys mudding, barbecues, shooting guns, and country life. 












Jeanine lives on an acreage outside of Beaver Crossing with her husband, Brad, her three dogs; Jethro, Yoshi and Thorndyk and three cats; Ginger, Oliver and Cleavon.  Jeanine enjoys reading, coloring, and watching t.v.

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